PharmAppoint offers a variety of staffing solutions to meet your requirements

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Executive Search

Organisations often need to conduct a more tailored search for new talent. This may be because the expertise required is in great demand, a search must be 100% confidential, there are specific time constraints around the role or a need to remove a potential conflict of interest. PharmAppoint covers these points by providing a retained search that can be aligned with your unique needs. This is based upon specific industry knowledge, an excellent understanding of the recruitment process and a proven ability to secure the best talent. Whether searching for an individual for a senior post or filling a niche post that is tough to recruit for, we offer a variety of search options to find the ideal candidate.

Contract, freelance and interim assignments

It is sometimes necessary for our clients to utilise temporary workers for a number of reasons. To cater for that need our consultants maintain relationships with a large network of freelance and interim workers across our core verticals, which ensures such requirements are quickly satisfied. We make the process of finding temporary staff as simple and expeditious as possible. From taking on the requisition, to ongoing communication and management of the contractor, we drive the collection and logging of timesheets and check that monthly invoices are correct. We also guarantee that contractors are paid on time even if the client is late settling the account.


It is essential your workers are paid correctly and on time. Whether it is for full-time staff, temporary PAYE workers or self-employed contractors, we can provide a payroll solution to fit your business. Our service includes:

  • Administering payroll to calculate gross pay, deductions and net pay
  • Issuing secure payslips
  • Production of standard reports
  • Payment of employees by BACS
  • Compliance with payroll legislation